FM Stone Commercial Assists Pen-Tech in Leasing First Goshen Location

Scott Griffith, Broker with FM Stone Commercial, recently assisted new business Pen-Tech LLC in leasing its first location in Goshen. Pen-Tech is now occupying 6,000 square feet in Suite 2 at 2420 Dierdorf Road on the south side of the city. According to Pen-Tech owner Bob Penick, the industrial suite in this multi-tenant building is being used to do pre-delivery inspections for RVs.

Pre-delivery inspections are typically done by the RV dealership when it receives the unit from the manufacturer. Some dealers prefer to have those inspections completed by an outside entity, like Pen- Tech, in order to reduce cost, improve quality of the inspection and save time. Pen-Tech receives the RV unit, completes the inspection and then gets the RV directly to the buyer or end-user. Inspections in Pen-Tech’s new space began on June 9.

“Pen-Tech’s goal is to help ensure that the customer is getting the quality product they paid for, and to help prevent any problems from arising when they are using their new RV,” said Sabrina Penick, Bob’s wife. “Bob has 12 years of experience in the RV industry. He has always believed in quality first.”