Is your business growing? Or is consolidating what your business needs to succeed?

FM Stone Commercial makes either process easy. Our team successfully represents parties on either side of the real estate transaction. We understand the subtle differences between buying and selling, between price and value, and between profit and loss. With a thorough understanding of the market and with real concern for your interests, we make either buying or selling simple. Our expertise, combined with real market intelligence, make it easy to know you've found the right team to meet your company's goals.


To each sales opportunity we bring talented and committed professionals working toward a common goal – creating maximum value for your real estate assets. With a comprehensive marketing plan, mass exposure for your asset and great communication skills, we work to ensure the transaction is completed quickly and efficiently.


Helping you find the commercial real estate property you want at a fair price is one of our top priorities. Seeing your business grow and prosper gives each of us a feeling of great pride. We offer insight and advice on all stages of the process, from site assessment and selection to negotiations and due diligence. No matter if the type is industrial, office, retail, land, or retail, our team has the experience and know-how to get you the best deal.