Looking for space to lease?

Our team understands that you need space for your business to do business. Maybe you are growing and need more space; maybe you are consolidating and need to save some money on rent. Regardless of the reasons for needing lease space, we provide a thorough assessment of your needs and develop a careful plan for relocation or expansion. We are with you every step of the way, from identifying location and prospective buildings, to analysis of market rates and pricing tenant improvements, to negotiating the best deal for you and finally contract completion.

Have an asset that you need leased out?

We can turn vacant space into income. We understand the things tenants value in this market and we know what they are willing to pay for those amenities. You want good tenants who will pay on time and who are willing to pay fair market rates. Our team works closely with you to determine leasing strategies that will target and attract the best tenants for your space. Then we take your property to market with a comprehensive plan for marketing that provides maximum exposure to possible tenants from all over the United States.